Printed in 208 pages, the book “provides an overview of the personal, domestic, and social aspects of the life of Imam Hussein (PBUH) [the third Imam of Shia Muslims], based on reliable sources,” reads the publisher’s note, ISNA reported.

The first chapter of the book looks into the life of Imam Hussein (PBUH) as an individual, and how his character was inspired by various divine concepts, such as his affection for the Qur’an, freedom, piety, belief, and recognition of science and reasoning.

In the second chapter, the author depicts the relationship of the third Shia Imam with the members of his family, and how he honored his spouse and children.

The final chapter is dedicated to the social and political status of Imam Hussein (PBUH), and how he sought justice, served his people, and created solidarity within the society.

Source: Iran Daily