The book originally published in 1970 has been translated into Persian by Nasrollah Mordiani and Bidgol is the publisher of the novel.

“Abigail” tells the story of a headstrong teenager growing up during World War II, and is the most beloved of Magda Szabo’s books in her native Hungary. 

Gina is the only child of a general, a widower who has long been happy to spoil his bright and willful daughter. Gina is devastated when the general tells her that he must go away on a mission and that he will be sending her to boarding school in the country. 

She is even more aghast at the grim religious institution to which she soon finds herself consigned. She fights with her fellow students, rebels against her teachers, finds herself completely ostracized, and runs away. 

Caught and brought back, there is nothing for Gina to do except entrust her fate to the legendary Abigail, as the classical statue of a woman with an urn that stands on the school’s grounds has come to be called. 

If you’re in trouble, it’s said, leave a message with Abigail and help will be on the way. And for Gina, who is in much deeper trouble than she could possibly suspect, a life-changing adventure is only beginning.

“Abigail” was popularized through a much-loved television series in 1978. The book was also chosen as the sixth most popular novel at the Hungarian version of Big Read.

“A tense, intimate narrative that brilliantly depicts youthful innocence ensnared by lethal menace… Szabo the magician reveals, for an instant, time, history and human folly, all glimpsed through a child’s clear eyes,” Anna Mundow of the Wall Street Journal wrote about the novel.

Source:Tehran Times