Ashraf Boroujerdi, in a meeting with Austrian Ambassador to Tehran Stefan Scholz, pointed to the historical relations between Tehran and Vienna, adding that there has been a long history of political and cultural relations between Austria and Iran.

She added that the Iranian library welcomes the transfer of Austria’s cultural sources to be placed in the Iranian library.

Iran needs to use the experiences of Austrians in digitalizing books and other documents, the Iranian official noted.

Boroujerdi also said that she held a virtual conversation with her Austrian counterpart, discussing digitalized sources of national libraries of Austria and Iran.

She further suggested that thinkers and scholars of both countries could initiate scientific cooperation, which can be fruitful for the current and future generations.

Scholz said that given historical facts, relations between Iran and Austria date back to more than 700 years ago, and that there has been no conflict between the two nations.

According to the ambassador, Austria’s delivered books consist of different topics, including art, culture, nature, and cooking.

Emphasizing the current positive relations between national libraries of Iran and Austria, Schultz noted that he promotes expanding and deepening of the cultural ties.

Source: Iran Daily