Each volume is dedicated to a report on Iranian cinema, social media, music, the press, as well as the role of art and culture in reducing social harms, in the Iranian calendar year 1398 (starting March 21, 2019).

In ‘Music Policy in Iran,’ the author Narges Azari believes the current musical trend and lack of education could alter musical taste among Iranians in favor of pop music in the coming years, sidelining traditional Persian music.

‘Circumstances of Iranian Cinema’ delivers a report on the influence of incidents in 1398 – including the spring and winter floods and earthquakes, the assassination of Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, and the coronavirus outbreak – on the market of Iranian cinema.

The volume also observes the policies and plans of the Iranian Organization of Cinema and Audiovisual Affairs in that year, while offering solutions for a more lively market for Iranian movies.

‘News Trend in Social Media’, written by Mohammad Rahbari, looks into 20 major headlines in the social media platforms in 1398 to adopt proper measures for future years.

The book stresses the need for a more active presence by governmental officials in social media in order to give a transparent report of their organization and dismiss fake news.

Saeid Arkanzadeh-Yazdi, the writer of ‘Status of the Press in 1398,’ observes the financial situation of publishing printed news in Iran while discussing the old-fashioned vision toward the industry.

In ‘The Role of Art and Culture in Reducing Social Harms,’ Masoumeh Taqizadegan underscores the low availability of art among the vulnerable groups of society, blaming cultural organizations for ignoring the poor.

Source: Iran Daily