Mohaddeseh Vazehifard is the translator of the book, which discusses the problems that arise for perfectionist believers of God while considering the nature of human evil with a reflection on other related factors like the natural evil and the evil done by free agents.

The author’s proficiency in breaking down theories, combined with his ability to offer a sound dialogue has been demonstrated in his book, offering academic students a guide to the complexities of philosophical debates.  

Earlier in 2020, Khub Publications released another Persian translation of the book by Zohreh Qolipur under the title of “A Three-Person Conversation on Good and Evil and the Existence of God”.

Perry is a professor of philosophy at the universities of California and Stanford with significant academic contributions in the fields of metaphysics, mind and language philosophy.

Markaz has also published a Persian translation of Perry’s 1978 book “A Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality” by Kaveh Lajevardi. 

In “A Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality”, Perry engages in a theoretical discussion about the problems with “personal identity” where he initiates a dialogue between a mortally wounded university professor, Gretchen Weirob, and her two friends, Sam Miller and Dave Cohen.

In the book, Perry represents the views of other philosophers such as Bernard Williams, John Locke and Derek Parfit on the concept of “Personal Identity”, which questions the features and traits that characterize a person at a given time.

The analytic philosophical debate presented by Perry also reflects David Hume’s work titled “Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion”, which discussed the nature of God’s presence while asserting God’s actual existence. 

Source:Tehran Times