The book has been translated into Persian by Behrang Mojani.

A chain of fantastical mishaps in schoolboy Bert’s dull life spiral out of control, but then he’s rescued by Finch, a plucky girl-adventurer with metal legs. Soon they’re sailing through the clouds on a pirate airship bound for the forgotten land of Ferenor. Magic is their destination, for reasons Bert will soon discover.

Winter’s debut novel is a charming tale about long-hidden magic and the extraordinary adventure that unfolds when a naive schoolboy unleashes its extraordinary powers. Bert’s hum-drum existence spins dangerously out-of-control when a school trip to a new museum opens a doorway to another world. 

Intrigued by the magical artifacts on display, Bert touches an ancient mirror and finds himself transported to a parallel universe. 

After becoming entangled with ‘The Professor’, Goodrich Roberts (a pirate intent on looting certain artifacts) and having a vision of the sinister Prince Voss, a confused and jittery Bert returns to school only to find another adversary waiting: Cassius is a Quaestor, a government agent appointed to investigate the strange events at the museum. 

While deliberating his own precarious situation he realizes that there is a long-standing quarrel between the Prince and the Quaestor. Although not fully understanding what has gone on he hears enough to work out that the Prince is furious at the royals loss of power, and that Cassius is equally determined that the government—not the royals—are the true lawmakers in Penvellyn. As Bert learns more about his mysterious past and becomes further embroiled in the tale of the abandoned magical land of Ferenor, he finds some surprising allies and a new enthusiasm for adventure. 

This book plays on the idea that magic is distrusted and forbidden. This is an idea that has been used before but the story fizzes along at a decent pace, and in Bert we have an amiable and intriguing hero.

Winter is a full-time writer and part-time professional chocolate taster living in the city of York. He recently completed a master’s degree in creative writing. In his spare time, he enjoys long-distance running, martial arts, learning new recipes and avoiding the weather with his cat.

Source:Tehran Times