Over 20 meetings will stream live on www.instagram.com/khaneyeketab during the weeklong event, which opens tomorrow with a session on “Collaboration between Publisher and Illustrator”.

Illustrators Ali Buzari and Sahar Tarhandeh will attend the meeting organized in collaboration with the Iranian Illustrators Society.

The meeting will be followed by another one to discuss the factors that caused a decline in book sales.

Another meeting set for Sunday at 12 will study the impact of book reading on fostering people’s patience during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Women’s Role in Producing Books and Promoting Reading” is another important meeting, which will be held by experts Elham Malekzadeh and Mahtab Mardfard.

The development of the Persian language in the world and ways to better introduce Iran will be discussed in a session on Monday by Rezamorad Sahrai, Ayyub Dehqankar, Shahruz Falahatpisheh and Masud Hassani in collaboration with the Sadi Foundation, Iran’s organization that promotes the Persian language abroad. 

Mohammad Samiei, Ruhollah Hosseini and Ahmad Shakeri of the Faculty of World Studies at the University of Tehran will scrutinize the reading culture in Iran in a comparative study.

On Tuesday, a collection of the latest offerings by writers from Iran’s religious minorities will be unveiled in an online live program. Artuit Zahraian, Behnam Mobarakeh, Farzaneh Goshtasb, Dinaz Dehnadi and Arsh Abai will review a number of books.     

Another significant meeting set for the last day of the Iran Book Week will study the socio-cultural impacts of the OCVID-19 pandemic.      

The Iran Book Week begins every year on the 24th of Aban, which has been designated as the Book and Reading Day on the Iranian calendar.

Earlier last week, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance announced seven themes to be discussed during the 28th Iran Book Week, which will be held from November 14 to 20 with the motto “Knowledge; Eternality”.

Among the themes are “Books, Library, Librarian, Book Capital”, “Books, Socialization with Reading Promoters” and “Books, Knowledge and Ability”.

“Books, Lifestyle and Safe Society”, “Books, Social Asset and Virtual Space”, “Dynamism with Books and Bookstores” and “Books, Religious Belief and Self-Improvement” are other themes of the book week.

The 7th edition of the Reading Promoters Awards is part of the programs arranged to be implemented during the event.

In addition, top Iranian translators will be awarded during the National Celebration of Translators.

Source: Tehran Times