In “Sales of Love”, Raheleh said that a salesman, who sells the costumes of world superstars, doesn’t want to sell the dusty attire of a person named Javad, and tells others why he does not want to sell these costumes through the story he narrates for the audience.

Amir-Hossein Mehmandoost performs the monologue, which is part of a theatrical program organized by the Sacred Defense Museum in Tehran to mark the 40th anniversary of the Iran-Iraq war.

Raheleh lamented that typical plays are performed only during a limited time and not throughout the year.

“For example, war plays are only performed during the war anniversary or religious and ritual plays are only performed during the two months of Muharram and Safar,” he said.

He also criticized the increasing number of festivals and said that festivals should not be a major priority, and topics such as religious culture, martyrdom and the war need to be taken into increased consideration.

“Typical works also need to find their ways into festivals and should not be limited to special times. We need to give more space to artists and writers to write and work. I hope those who come to watch the play ‘Sales of Love’ enjoy the play, and I wish we could tell more about those who defended the country,” he concluded.

The 40th anniversary of the Iran-Iraq war is being observed by performing several plays at the Sacred Defense Museum in Tehran.

“War and One Thousand Years of Solitude” written by Masud Mehrbi and directed by Parvaneh Alizameni, “In Color of Jujube” by Mohammad-Hadi Atai, “Fulfilment of the Promise” by Ahmad Samimi, “The Soldier” by Pejman Shahverdi and “The Lost” by Abuzar Chehel-Amirani are among the performances.

Source:Tehran Times