The book has been translated into Persian by Mohammadreza Shekari. 

“Get Shorty” chronicles the over-the-top, sometimes violent Hollywood misadventures of a Florida mob loan shark, Chili Palmer, who chases a deadbeat client all the way to Tinseltown and decides to stick around and make movies. 

Chili Palmer is sick of the Miami grind, since his “friends” have a bad habit of dying there. 

So when he chases a deadbeat client out to Hollywood, Chili figures he might like to stay. This town, with its dream makers, glitter, hucksters and liars, plus gorgeous, partially clad would-be starlets everywhere you look, seems ideal for an enterprising criminal with a taste for the cinematic. 

Besides, Chili’s got an idea for a killer movie, though it could very possibly kill him to get it made.

Leonard wrote some of the classic crime novels of the twentieth century. Notably inspired by Higgins’s “The Friends of Eddie Coyle”, he was an adept dialogue writer and master of the tight scene.

When Leonard died in 2013 at age 87, he left behind more than 40 novels, a number of short stories and one ongoing television show, “Justified”. 

He started out writing Westerns in the 1950s and 1960s, but when the market for cowboy dramas began to collapse, he switched to the contemporary crime novel and rarely looked back.

Over the years, he honed his spare, dialogue-driven prose to a lethal leanness, and earned a reputation as the “Dickens of Detroit” for frequently setting his tales of cops and robbers (and kidnappers, car bombers, and other desperadoes) in the city where he had lived since childhood.

Leonard’s influence was not limited to the printed page. To date, more than two dozen of his novels and stories have been adapted for film or television, a few of them more than once. 

Source:Tehran Times