The book has been translated into Persian by Heshmat Sadat Mirabedini. 

The book is about a young girl who tries to snatch an old woman’s bag on a mean street in a mean, broken city. 

But the frail old woman says the thief can’t have it without giving something in return: the promise. It is the beginning of a journey that will change the girl’s life, and a chance to change the world, for good.

“I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t fascinated by animals. From the moment I could walk I was out in the garden watching ants and worms, and collecting snails as pets,” Davies says.

“I had my first pair of binoculars for my eighth birthday. They were so big, I couldn’t hold them steady for more than a few seconds. I can still remember the very first bird I saw through them: a male blackbird with his golden-yellow eye ring and sooty black feathers,” she notes.

“My first job was studying geese in Scotland, my second was hand-rearing jackdaws and my third was watching humpbacked whales from an uninhabited island in Newfoundland! In the last two years I've returned to studying animals and have been helping out on a long term study of sperm whales, sailing in the Sea of Cortez, and the Caribbean off the island of Dominica,” she adds.

“I’ve seen all sorts of animals, all over the world, chameleons in Madagascar, turtles in Seychelles, walruses in the Arctic, bat-eared foxes in Kenya, saltwater crocodiles in Australia. But I still love the animals that are within reach of my home in Wales, the ravens and red kites, the grey seals and the choughs, the roe deer and foxes, even the blackbirds that nest in my tiny garden,” she mentions.

Carlin has illustrated many children’s books, most notably “The Iron Man” by Ted Hughes, and her own book “A World of Your Own”. 

These two books won the children’s book illustration award at the Biennial of Illustration Bratislava in 2015.

Source:Tehran Times