“Performance in the City: Three Street Plays” is composed of the plays “A Just Clamor”, “Clean Earth” and “The Fourth Stage”, Zahedi told the Persian service of Honaronline on Saturday.

Zahedi, a lecturer at the Faculty of Dramatic Art and Music at the University of Tehran, lamented that some of the street theater artists do not have much knowledge of this genre.

“Due to this flaw, most of those artists working in this field use scripts that lack the attributes of street plays,” she said.

Zahedi noted, “This media is not just for entertainment,” and added, “Street plays should have critical and social characteristics, raise people’s awareness, and give solutions to problems and unfavorable circumstances.”

She expressed her hope that the collection could help raise the knowledge of street theater among the artists and encourage them to produce more plays for street performances.

Dastan Publications is scheduled to release “Performance in the City: Three Street Plays” in the near future.

Zahedi said that the collection has been created in collaboration with a number of her colleagues working around the world and added, “Therefore, it is practicable for the plays to be performed in other countries.”

She said that she has changed the names of some characters and places to make the plays appropriate for performances in Iran.  

Zahedi taught a course in Oriental rituals during a four-week program in August and September 2016 at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.

She is the writer of “From Ritual to Performance” about Japanese rituals.

Source: Tehran Times