“I am working to prepare my book, which is due to come out in three volumes, one of which will be dedicated to nature, one to architecture, and one to various people living in Iran,” Bairami said in an interview with Honaronline.

Bairami added that he has been working on his collection for about eight years and hoped to publish the book this year.

He said that he has divided Iran’s nature into four categories: forests, beaches, mountains and deserts and added, “I have traveled around Iran four times and have taken the photos. I tried to cover all the regions and at the present time I have been visiting the small villages to find more details.” 

“Each photo bears a caption. However, the research efforts have been made by a team of experts,” he added. 

“Many important artistic events are rooted in the realities scattered in society. On one of the trips to a village, I got to know a rural family and their life story. Their story was so interesting for me that I began to write a screenplay based on that,” he said. 

“Currently I am rewriting the screenplay with the assistance of a friend, and plan to shoot the film in the same village with a few amateur actors from that same village,” he added. 

Bairami also explained that he has several projects to promote the southern Iranian island of Hormoz in the Persian Gulf, including reviving the beach line of the island and the old architecture of the region.

“The improvement of the region will help increase the number of tourists and lead to economic growth in the region, while those who have left their homes for other cities hoping to get jobs will return to their homeland,” he explained. 

“We plan to hold several events on the island including a beach music festival inviting musicians from all the coastal cities of the northern and southern regions of the country, in addition to festivals of seafood and festivals of handicrafts,” he concluded.

Source: Tehran Times