Iranian writer Tahereh Ibod, Persian language teacher at Istanbul University Davud Esparham and the Persian Language professor at Istanbul University, Ali Güzelyüz, were among the attendees at the meeting, which took place at the Oriental Research Center of the university.

Güzelyüz first introduced books by Ibod, including “Liya-Sim-Maris’in Deniz Masallari” (“Sea Tales of Liya Sand Maris”) at the meeting and said that Turkish translators have shown an interest in translating books from Persian writers over the past few years.

Ibod also talked about the position of Iranian children’s literature in the world and its significant role in the education of children and its impression on their characters and said, “A good story can register in the minds of children so that they themselves feel as if they have experienced the events in the story.”

She further proposed that more meetings be arranged between Iranian and Turkish writers to expand cultural relations.

A selection of 14 books by Iranian writers translated into Turkish was introduced during the Frankfurt Book Fair in October. The collection was also presented in November during a meeting at Khaneye Ketab, a major book publisher in Tehran.

The books were published by several Turkish publishing houses supported by the Translation and Publication Grant Program of Iran.

The collection included Anahita Taimurian’s “Ay Hepimizin” (My Moon, Our Moon) published by Turkish publisher Damla. 

Also included were “Yasemin” (Yasemin) by M. Moaddabpur, “Berzah Ama Cennet” (Hell but Heaven) by Nazi Safavi from the Muhenna publishing house, as well as “Elif, Dal, Mim” (Alif, Dal, Mim) by Mehdi Hejvani, and “Çopluklerin Sultani” (Sultan of Trash) by Mehdi Mirkiai published by Demavend.

Source:Tehran Times