The festival includes Film screening programs, traditional music performances and Persian art exhibitions. 

Season of Narges by Negar Azarbaijani, Zero to Platform by Sahar Mosayyebi, Mermaid by Masud Aqababaian and Track 143 by Narges Abyar are among the films selected to be screened. 

The festival also will be screening We Have a Guest by Mohammad-Mehdi Asgarpur, Rana’s Silence by Behzad Rafiei and Sweetheart by Jalal Dehqani. 

Avaye Barbod, an Iranian traditional music ensemble led by Faramarz Izi, is scheduled to give performances at the Islamabad Club on Monday. 

The festival, which will be running until November 30, is being co-organized by Iran’s cultural office and the Pakistan National Council of the Arts.

Source:Tehran Times