The Majlis Library, Museum and Documentation Center in Tehran, Esra International Foundation for Revealed Knowledge in Qom, Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy in Qom, Khan Seminary in Yazd and the University of Neyshabur are among the centers, the director of the Digital Books Department of the library, Ali Zarrabi, said in a press release published on Sunday.

The decision has been made after the director of the organization met several top clerics and scholars in Qom and Tehran, he added.

The organization keeps digital copies of over 20,000 manuscripts, 39,000 lithographic books, a great number of theses and about 50,000 books in other languages.

The Astan-e Qods Razavi Organization for Libraries, Museums and Archives Centers, which is adjacent to the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS), houses over 78,000 copies of rare Islamic manuscripts.

Source: Tehran Times