Sixteen other books translated into French were also reviewed during five 40-minute readings, which was attended by writers and translators.

Among the books were Everything Is Now by Julia Wolf from Germany, Until Stones Become Softer Than Water by Antonio Lobo Antunes from Portugal, The Budapest Crossing by Jonas Terey from Hungary, I Already Told You by Chen Yuhong from Taiwan and Nami by Bianca Bellova from the Czech Republic.

Translated into French by Mithra Farzad, La Clepsydre de L’amour (The Clepsydra of Love) was published by Candle & Fog, the London-based Iranian-British publishing house in 2017.

The English version of the book, Sidewalk in the Clouds, was translated by Caroline Croskery and was published in 2015.

The book is a collection of poems that analyzes the pains and damages caused by the failure of a romantic relationship.

Yadollahi, who was also a psychiatrist, died in a car crash in March 2017 at the age of 48.

Source: Tehran Times