The award winning book was translated from the original French text by Maryam Khorasani and released by Cheshmeh Publication.

In the book, the grandchildren of one family recount the eccentricities and foibles of their grandparents, whose lives remained in the time warp of World War I.

WWI (1914-1918) originated in Europe. It is estimated that more than nine million combatants and seven million civilians perished in the bloody war. It is considered as a terrible contributor to several genocides and the 1918 influenza epidemic, which caused between 50 and 100 million deaths worldwide.

In 1990, the novel won the prestigious Goncourt Prize for Rouaud. According to, the book is a rich memoir in grand prose style.

Fields of Glory turned out to be the first book in a series of five books on the family history of the author.

Rouaud, 65, was a humble newsstand vendor who had never published a book before Fields of Glory. However, since its publication in 1990, he has written 16 more books.

Source: Financial Tribune