Comprising works of diverse art mediums created by Iranian artists, the fourth edition of National Auction is set to be held on July 26 and 27, at Rayzan International Conference Center in Kashanak neighborhood, north Tehran.

According to the Persian website of Honaronline, actor Pejman Bazeghi is the auctioneer hammering 161 works. Prior to the auction, the lots are to be exhibited for three days, July 23-25, at the conference center.

The world’s largest and smallest handmaid Qur’ans, presented at the auction, have the highest estimated prices.

The Qur’ans, whose covers and pages are made of gold and silver, are estimated at $500,000-$525,000.

Both books have been created by Raeen Akbar Khanzadeh. For creating the largest Qur’an, with 604 pages, 1.5kg gold, 15kg silver and 80kg copper have been used. The carvings on the 141cm by 191cm cover are done by Mehdi Asgari.

In creating the smallest holy book, written on 12cm by 16cm gold sheets, Khanzadeh has used two kilos of silver and 800 grams of the yellow metal.

Among contemporary artists contributing to the event are Parviz Kalantari, Nasser Oveisi, Faramarz Pilaram and Gholamhossein Amirkhani.

Tagged at $250, a calligraphy work by Taha Najafi has the lowest price.

A miniature of simorgh (a mythical bird in Perisan literature) by well-known Iranian painter Mahmoud Farshchian will also go under the hammer. Its lowest estimate price is said to be $18,750.

A metal  scale, a 55cm by 38cm gold mirror frame, a collection of 10 canes, a gold, pearl, and ruby necklace as well as an eight-piece collection of lacquer pencil boxes, made by Esmaeel Naghashbashi are among the lots whose creation dates back to the Qajar era (1786-1925).

The auction is also offering several works by famous Isfahani painter Mirza Agha Emami (1880-1955), among which is a lacquer box with carved designs similar to that of the Safavid era (1501-1736). An image of a centaur pulling back a bow is carved on the lid of the lacquer box.

Source: Financial Tribune