The expansion of cultural relations and collaboration on joint film projects were discussed at the meeting, the organization announced in a press release published on Tuesday.

“We have seen good development in filmmaking industry and a rapid growth in the number of theaters in China over the past decade,” Heidairan said.

He added, “As you know our county has reconstructed its theaters over the past 40 years and has made efforts to give a different meaning to cinema as a cultural topic in the world.

“Cinema is not just for entertainment. It’s a good reason for cultural cooperation, and I believe the culture and civilization of the East has a great number of topics to present to cinema. I think Iran and China can offer good film productions, which would be useful for the world,” he stated.

“The Silk Road and some historical issues are very good topics to be turned into animated movies and/or films in collaboration between Iranian and Chinese filmmakers,” he said.

Ye Xiaowen is visiting Iran at the head of a Chinese delegation, which has been assigned to discuss cultural issues and plans to preserve historical sites.

He said that the culture industry is a good channel to introduce cultural products of a country to the world.

He said that Iranian films have won numerous international awards, adding that China needs to learn much from Iran about cinema.

Xiaowen also noted that his country is eager to collaborate with Iran on joint film projects.

Source: Tehran Times