The expansion of cultural relations in fields such as cinema, theater and music was discussed at the meeting, the ministry announced in a press release published on Thursday.

Salehi said that there are numerous fields for cooperation between the two countries.

“Over the past decades, the Embassy of Iran in Austria and the Austrian Cultural Forum in Tehran have made great efforts to promote bilateral cultural relations and we would like to keep these relations going,” the minister said.

Salehi next emphasized the need for developing bilateral ties on cinema, theater, music and religious dialogues to help give a real image of Islam in the world.

Indjein also said that the Ministry of Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs of Austria is very active in cultural fields and performs about 6 to 7 thousand cultural projects across the world each year.

She added that cooperation with other nations is one of Austria’s main priorities and noted that her country mostly would like to collaborate with creative youth in Iran.She next gave a report on cultural activities in Austria.

Source: Tehran Times