It is the best known work of French symbolist writer Alfred Jarry. Poet and researcher Mohammad Meftahi has written an introduction to the title introducing Jarry, his thoughts, and Theater of Absurd, Honaronline reported.  

“Jarry’s King Ubu (Ubu Roi in French) is an absurd farce that riffs on several of Shakespeare’s plays and warns of the dangers of tyranny.” wrote. 

Macbeth and some parts of Hamlet and King Lear are among Shakespeare’s plays adapted for the play. 

As the play begins, Ubu’s wife convinces him to lead a revolution and kill the king of Poland and most of the royal family. The king’s son, Bougrelas, and the queen escape. The ghost of the dead king appears to his son and calls for revenge.

Back at the palace, King Ubu begins levying heavy taxes on the people and killing the nobles for their wealth. Ubu’s henchman is thrown into prison who then escapes to Russia and has the Tsar declare war on Ubu.

Though the writing and dialogue is obscene and childish, the piece expresses something deeper -- an inner consciousness in a way that is similar to the Symbolists, with many critics considering Jarry a Symbolist author.

Source: Financial Tribune