Speaking at the opening ceremony, the minister called the digital media and cyber-events the beginning of the creation of a new world. 

“We are witnessing a new world and this new outlook can change our interaction with the world,” he said at the ceremony.

“Those who are dealing with the world of today and the future, cannot be ignorant of this new change. All things existing in cyberspace indicate the signs for change in mankind and the world,” the minister said. 

Pointing to digital publications, he said, “Digital publications mean if someone used to deal with books and papers in the past, he now faces things beyond time and space.

“Also about digital games we must admit that a gamer keeps learning and discovering new things. It is not actually a game; rather, it is the matter of discovering and creation,” he explained.

He also called those active in digital media the pioneers of culture in the country, and said, “If in the past the writers and the media were the pioneers, today the digital media are pioneers of culture.”

Several books and games were also unveiled at the opening ceremony.

Media software, internet sites and blogs, digital arts as well as research, technology and innovation in digital media, are some of the topics on view at the main section of the program, director of the fair Morteza Musavian had already said.

The fair also aims to introduce those active in the digital media arena with the latest achievements in this field. 

Over 120 workshops and meetings centering on digital media and cyberspace are also arranged on the margins of the fair, which will be running until November 18.

Source: Tehran Times