Iran will participate at the 2017 Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) as ‘the Colorful Dream of Silk Road.’‘Iran, the Colorful Dream of Silk Road’ is the country’s motto at the upcoming edition of BIBF to be held August 23-27.

As the guest of honor, Iran is preparing special programs for the cultural event. Officials from Iran Cultural Fairs Institute (ICFI) have held meetings with the committee for coordination and support of international book fairs, affiliated to the Culture Ministry’s Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, Mehr News Agency reported.

“The decision to select Iran as BIBF guest of honor goes back to the negotiations between our cultural attaché in Beijing and Chinese officials in March,” said secretary of the committee Mohammad Hossein Ahmadi.

According to the mutual agreement China will be the guest of honor at the 2019 Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF).

“A guest of honor should follow certain customs and protocols,” he noted. From among the programs considered for the 24th BIBF, he mentioned a speech by Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Seyed Reza Salehi Amiri.

Prominent Iranian publishers will participate at the fair and their presence should help result in publishing contracts, he said.

He also spoke of a cultural festival including live music programs and screening of selected Iranian films. “It will be attended by handicrafts masters, renowned figures in the publishing industry, and winners of literary festivals in Iran, including the Al-Ahmad Award and Parvin Etesami Award.”

Publishers, as well as universities, cultural institutions and literary agencies will participate. “Our list is not yet finalized. We insist that Alameh Tabatabai University and Samt Publications (both in Tehran) be included. They have had close interaction with Chinese publishers.

“Alhoda International, Cultural, Artistic & Publishing Institution will also participate. Norouz Literary Agency, affiliated to Alhoda, will represent 25 publishers at the event.

Norouz Literary Agency signed a contract this year with Chinese state publisher Commercial Press, one of the largest and oldest publishers in that country.

Literary meetings and naqqali (a dramatic tradition in storytelling) are among other programs for the BIBF.Iran has a 500 sq meter pavilion.  A collection of Chinese translations of Iranian books introducing art and culture will be on display.

Source: Financial Tribune