Co-directed by Masumeh Samereh Rezai and Hossein Hosseini, “Aurora” has been co-produced with Afghanistan.

It will be screened in the Luminous section, which presents 24 titles and a wide spectrum of stylistic approaches.
The film is about the rabab, Afghanistan’s national musical instrument, with origins dating back to the seventh century. Gholam Nabi and his son still make these lute-shaped string instruments by hand, an intricate process requiring expertise and dedication.

Twenty-five years ago, their livelihood was put in jeopardy when the Taliban took over Afghanistan and music was banned. Nabi chose to stay, but the memories of those difficult years weigh heavily. Now that Afghanistan is once again under Taliban rule, the nightmare has returned. It is only possible to make or play the rabab in secret.

This time, the family decides to leave the country. Aurora shows the preparations for their flight: hiding the instruments, saying goodbye to loved ones, the sorrow of the difficult decision. The sound of the rabab is deeply intertwined with Afghan history and their departure means that part of the country’s soul is also disappearing. Will Gholam Nabi and his family reach the safety of Iran? Will the sound of the rabab be heard there once again?

“Subtotals” will be screened in Best of Fests, a section dedicated to the highlights of the year, presenting the best films from Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Sundance, Visions du Réel, CPH:DOX and several other film events.

Directed by Mohammadreza Farzad, the film has been co-produced with Poland and Germany.

It is a poetic essay meticulously constructed from clips of Iranian 8mm home videos from bygone days. As we watch birthdays and wedding parties, people dancing, laughing, swimming or just relaxing, a narrator, in a contemplative, sometimes heavy voice, enumerates series of dry facts.

“Subtotals” was inspired by the eponymous short story by Gregory Burnham and Édouard Levé’s novel “Autoportrait”.

The 2022 IDFA will take place from November 9 to 20 in the capital city of the Netherlands. 


Source: Tehran Times