This film is about a female filmmaker who is on the verge of divorce, but she realizes something that puts her at a crossroads, reported.

Babak Ansari, Mehrnoush Sattari, Isa Hosseini and Fatemeh Zahra Hosseini are the cast members of the film.

‘A Winner’ has already been screened at a number of global events, including the Festival Internacional de Cine bajo la Luna (International Film Festival under the Moonlight) in Spain, the Riverside International Film Festival in the U.S., and the Ischia Film Festival in Italy.

The film will also be screened at the SAMA International Film Festival in Sweden from October 8 to 9.

The First Screen Film Distributing Company is in charge of international screenings of ‘A Winner’.

The Mostra de Curtas Noia accepts animation and fiction of maximum 30 minutes length. The films need to be subtitled in Spanish.