“Time to Lose” by Mohammadreza Beheshti, “Mr. Man” by Amir-Hossein Ajali, “Swell” by Keyvan Sarvari and “Desolation” by Alisam Sadeqi will be screened in the fiction section.

“Dubai Is a Diamond” by Mohammad Mohammadian will compete in the tourism section.

It is an experimental documentary short film about Dubai city made entirely out of stock footage videos.

The tourism section is dedicated to films that promote tourism in its many aspects, including tourism promotion of the country, region or city, sports tourism, adventure, nautical tourism, food tourism, religious tourism, and promotion of cultural activities and fairs.

“Dot” by Mohammad Zare’ has been chosen to be screened in the animation competition.

“Laboratory No.2” by Edris Abdi and Aware Omer, and “Felting” by Ehsan Amini will be shown in the documentary section

To what extent are we just waiting for death to arrive? This is the underlying question in “Laboratory No. 2” produced in Iraqi Kurdistan. Narrating the life of an employee working in the autopsy department of a university, the film sets out to observe the day-to-day life of this elderly worker who deals with corpses on a daily basis. As he works, he waits for death.

The International Tour Film Festival is an international competition open to short, medium and feature films.

It is promoted and organized by the CivitaFilm Cultural Association in collaboration with the Municipality of Civitavecchia (Rome), the Lazio Region and Enel.

Juries composed of leading operators in the cinematographic sector and television, communication and entertainment will award the winners in various categories.

Source:Tehran Times