In ''The Fabric'',a co-production between Iran and Germany, an Iranian student shows that the renovations of his university dorm were left unfinished because of the lockdown in Germany. They had put up a thick fabric around the building to contain the debris that remained in place, During the lockdown, 367 students living in the 25-story building could barely see the world outside through the tiny holes of this thick fabric.

“Quarantine” is about a woman who has a fanatical husband, but she tries not to make her daughter’s future look like her own.

The Iranian-American co-production ''Philadephia Iran Afghanistan'' is a documentary that follows an Iranian international film student in Philadelphia who meets an Afghan immigrant. He tries to talk to him about migration, displacement and loneliness in their mother tongue, Persian.

In ''The Zoo'', six-year-old Ranna's mother tells her, ''Your father has left forever. We will live together from now on.'' The mother reveals this news in the zoo, while Ranna has had a dream about a deer that ran away from the zoo that same day and its cage was empty.

''Katvoman'' shows a mom and son playing dressed up as Batman and Catwoman before dad returns for dinner, Through the play, the child will discover a difficult truth about his parents.

''Swell'' by Kayvan Sarvati, ''The Dumoster Diver'' by Farrokh Sadeqikol, ''The Ring'' by Roham Rasuli and ''Water and Color'' by Adnan Zandi will compete in the different sections of the festival, which take place from September 2 to 6 in Ferizaj.

The festival also plans to organize tours and other events to promote cultural diversity in Kosovo.

Source:Tehran Times