As the publicist reported, the 10th edition of the International Film Festival FERFILM will host "Katvoman" directed by Hadi Sheibani, co-produced by Hadi Sheibani & Ravinder Dhaka Telefilms, and "The Ring" directed and produced by Roham Rasouli.

International Film Festival FERFILM was thought for some years but was established in 2013. FERFILM was formed by a group of artists from Ferizaj and beyond. This moment was considered an initiative to promote universal cultures and values of the world through the film as a multidimensional and attractive method.


Katvomn, Hadi Sheibani's first short film, had its world premiere at the 20th Molise Cinema Film Festival and its African premiere at the 35th Festival International de Film Amateur de Kélibia (FIFAK) as the only Iranian nominee. Hadi Sheibani, a graduate of AFA and IYCS, was awarded the AFA scholarship as the only Iranian Fellow at Asian Film Academy 2019. Inspired by Catwoman's character, the short film "Katvoman" concerns women's rights, domestic violence, and the MeToo movement. It is written in the logline; Catwoman has got rather weak that she cannot save people anymore.

The Ring

The ring, Roham Rasouli's directorial debut, is concerned with the disadvantages of war on survivors. Roham Rasouli is an Iranian Youth Cinema Society graduate working as a production manager for some award-winning Iranian short films. As written in the logline, an old man's life is affected by a ring.

The 10th edition of the International Film Festival FERFILM will be held on September 2-6, 2022, in Ferizaj, Kosovo.