The 11th edition of the Mostremp, Cinema Rural al Pallars film festival was held on August 11-14 in the Pallars region of Catalonia, Spain.

Inspired by true events, ‘Gold Wells’ employs metaphorical language to criticize the shocking traditional practices in Laft village of Qeshm Island. ‘Gold Wells’ directed by Saeed Timar is the unheard story of women in southern Iran. 

The real story behind ‘Gold Wells’ is about a woman who had tried for several years to throw herself into a cistern and kill herself. Someone had eventually found her and saved her life. A year later, she threw herself into an empty cistern and met her death. It was when drought had hit the village and made the cistern empty with no water. To this date, no one knows why the woman in question committed suicide, according to the director.

Source:Mehr News