''The Fourth Round'', ''Aparat'' and ''War and Color'' will be screened in the different categories of the festival, which will take place from April 15 to 17.

''The Fourth Round'' directed by Alireza Amini has been selected to be screened in the feature films competition.

Involved in different legal and illegal petty works, Mohammad is working and living in a room in the bigest football stadium in Tehran with his wife and his little son. During a riot in the capital of Iran, he disappears while two women are looking for him impatiently: his wife, Maryam, who is going aroune all through the city, and a convicted womam, Shahla, who needs him because he is the only witness who can save her from death with a confession in the appeals court.

“Aparat” will be screened in the short fictions competition.

Directed by Hassan Najmabadi, “Aparat” tells the story of six teenage boys in a remote village who decide to work in the corrals in order to raise the money they need to rent an 8 mm movie projector from a tour guide.

The film earlier won the audience award at the 4th Iran Fest in Italy.

“Aparat” was screened at the Khamrubu International Short Film Festival in India, where Emad Najmabadi was named best male child artist for his role in the short drama. Erfan Ehteshami also won the award for best cinematographer for this film.

“War and color by Adnan Zandi will be showcased in the animation category.

The festival is promoted as a cinematographic meeting that brings together films of all genres.

The music video competition has been added to the different categories of this year’s festival.

Source:Tehran Times