Filimo School Platform has become free for students living in Afghanistan and from now on they can use the content of that without buying a subscription.

Access to all film school courses from preschool to ninth grade became free for students residing in Afghanistan.

This decision was made to help Afghan students due to the difficult study conditions in Afghanistan.  Therefore, students living in this country can use all the facilities of this platform for free by entering Filimo School.

In an aim to fulfill its social responsibility, Filimo School, due to the difficult study conditions in Afghanistan, has made it possible for the students of that country to use the facilities of this platform like Iranian ones.

Afghan students, can use the facilities of Filimo school via Afghanistan phonenumber.

Filimo School officially started operating in December 2016 with the approach of transformation and quality of educational aid.  This service entered the implementation phase with the approach of "transformation and quality of educational assistance" and with the two axes of "learning pleasure" and "educational justice" after a one-month trial period and was made available to the public.

The lessons which are available in this educational aid project have been produced by the best teachers based on the most basic and modern educational methods, hence the students can experience pleasure and learning at the same time.

The content of this educational aid service in the form of educational and entertaining programs simultaneously with the topics of education will be uploaded weekly on the platform of Filimo school platform and these programs are a combination of different forms and formats of programming including real, game, puppet and motion graphics.

Filimo School is one of Saba Idea products and users will be able to access the content by purchasing a monthly subscription.