According to the initial reports, the exact cause of the death of the actress is still unknown, but well-informed sources said that at 8 p.m., she was taken to the hospital where doctors were unable to save her.

Some actors and actresses have announced the loss of their friend and colleague by publishing separate posts and expressing their condolences.

Born on March 21, 1978, in Tehran, Fakoor started her career with the TV serial ‘Days of Youth’ (1998), while her performance in the serial ‘Solace of the Heart’ (2009) was a great success.

After a break, the cinema, television and theater actress returned to acting by playing a role in the TV serial ‘Huge Problems’ (2014).

She also participated in some movies including, ‘Smell of Red Rose’ (2001), ‘The Damsel Baran’ (2007), and ‘Concert on the Water’ (2010).

These days, she was playing a role in the TV series, ‘Bi-Hamegan’ (Lonely), directed by Behrang Tofiqi and produced by Mehran Maham, which remains unfinished.