Cinematographer Amin Jafari received the award for Best Cinematic Contribution for his collaboration in this film directed by Panah Panahi.

The film begins in the middle of nowhere, where an Iranian family makes a pit stop to bury the kid’s phone to avoid surveillance. Through several pit stops and encounters, we explore this family’s riotous dynamic and learn where their destination is.

The festival announced the winner in Jeddah on Monday by honoring “Brighton 4th” by Georgian director Levan Koguashvili as best film.

Representing Georgia at the Oscar race, the film presents a touching exploration of masculinity in a stunning central performance by former Olympic wrestling champion Levan Tediashvili. Art imitates life as Tediashvili plays a former Olympic wrestler who travels to New York to clean up a mess made by his gambling addict son who was trying to marry for a green card. The Olympic champion soon discovers that life in America isn’t that different from Georgia.

Haider Rashid from Iraq was selected as best director for his drama “Europa”, a co-production by Iraq, Italy and Kuwait.

“Neighbours”, a co-production between Switzerland and Syria written and directed by Mano Khalil, won the award for best screenplay.

The film shows Syrian Muslims, Kurds and Jews living amicably together in a small village on the Turkish border. The arrival of a fanatical new teacher at the primary school, however, divides the community; people who had always supported each other start to mistrust their neighbors. 6-year-old Sero finds his own small world turned upside down; the teacher bans children from speaking Kurdish and insists on a collective veneration of the president, a petty but poisonous classroom dictatorship that director Mano Khalil depicts with a good deal of humor. Drawing on his own experience, he pays tribute to the good neighbors of his childhood.

Source: Tehran Times