“The Badger” by Kazem Mollai, “Dedicated to Tehran” by Ali Bateni and Armin Tahmasbi, “The Eleventh Step” by Maryam Kashkulinia, “The Rotation” by Hazhir As’adi, “The Snow Calls” by Marjan Khosravi and “The Wound” by Sahar Nurmonavar will compete in the different sections of the festival, which is currently running online.

The acclaimed movie “The Badger” is competing in the drama feature category. 

It is about Sudeh Sharifzadegan whose 11-year-old son, Matiar, is kidnapped right before her second marriage. After considerable effort, Sudeh is forced to ask for the ransom money from her ex-husband, Peyman. After Matiar’s release, Sudeh, being curious, comes to the sudden realization that it was all her son’s plan to provide the grounds for his father’s return.

“Dedicated to Tehran” is competing in the New Vision section.

The short film tells the story of several Iranian families, who are thinking about their son who has joined the combatants in the frontline during the Iran-Iraq war when Tehran is targeted by Iraqi missiles.

“The Eleventh Step” and “The Rotation” are competing in the Animation Shorts category.


“The Eleventh Step” follows a little lion cub, born in a zoo, which lives in a cage that is only ten steps long. On the eleventh step he bangs his head against the bars, but one day the zookeeper leaves the cage door open.

“The Rotation” shows that there is a war between two tribes on claiming the sun in the sky. As a result of that war, the sun is annihilated and the volcano erupts. The two tribes now are dead and a new sun has been made, both done by the lava. Several centuries pass and the humans are still at war to claim the sun in the sky.

“The Snow Calls” has been selected for the Documentary Feature section. It is about Mina, who has three daughters but she lives in a society where giving birth to a boy is considered superior. Mina is blamed because of this.

The short drama “The Wound” is about a 9-year-old girl who menstruates after an earthquake. Having lost her family in the quake while she knows nothing about menstruation, she thinks she has been wounded.

The Strasburg festival will be running until December 11.


Source: Tehran Times