“Identibye” written and directed by Sajjad Shahhatami was named the best foreign-language film as the winners were announced last week.

In this drama, the protagonist must choose between innermost feelings. He was always judged by those closest to him. Fear of these judgments fills him with doubt. He has to work against the clock to achieve his goal; he knows that one’s true identity matters most.

“The Doll’s Game” won the award for best debut film.

Directed by Mehdi Mahai, the film is about a clown working in an Iran amusement park, trying to collect a salary owed him by his employer in order to pay for a lawyer to help him get custody of his daughter.

Actress Nasim Afsharpur won the best acting award for her role in “House of Fortune” directed by Adel Mashuri.

The drama is about Rahil Mohajer, who is buried alive by her husband and her father on her wedding night because they think she is not a virgin.

Australian director Michael Cusack’s “The Better Angels” was picked as best animation. It is about a young soldier who is trying to escape the horrors of war. He finds an abandoned house and within its walls the stories of what might have been.

“Helicopter Mom”, an animated movie directed by Heewon Jeong from the U.S., won the award for best comedy. It tells the story of a preteen girl who tries to escape from her overly protective mom with a head propeller.

American director Eric Liberacki’s short “The Audition” was named best drama. The movie follows Tony Mendes, a Latino actor who doesn’t fit the Hollywood stereotype. He has to go to great lengths to get casting directors to look beyond the surface to notice his talent.

The best experimental film award was given to “Hush” directed by Joseph McGovern from the U.S. In this film, Jeremy, in love with his best friend’s wife, Suzanna, struggles with his inability to fulfill his desire.

Source:Tehran Times