Written, directed, and produced by Touraj Alsani, 'Landless' is a joint production of MAAD Movie film company and Raz Halkawt Rashid from Iraqi Kurdistan.

In its first international presence, the film will be screened in the 32nd round of the Cinequest International Film Festival in the US that is one of the most prestigious film festivals for independent films as well as Academy-approved features.

Cinequest International Film Festival Aka Film & Creativity Festival is one of the most significant independent festivals in the world, focusing on creative technological innovations to enhance people’s lives and it is considered one of the most prominent festivals in discovering creative films. 

Showcasing films by directors from all around the world, the 32nd edition of the Cinequest International Film Festival, managed by Halfdan Hussey and presided by Kathleen Powell, started on 4 November 2021 in San Jose, California in the US and will be finished on 14 November 2021.  

Source:Mehr News