“A remote brick manufacturing factory uses an ancient method for brick production. Many families from different ethnicities work in the factory. The boss at the factory seems to hold the key to solving the workers’ problems. Lotfollah, 40, who has been born on-site, is the factory’s supervisor and acts as an intermediary between the workers and the boss,” reads synopsis of the film.

“Lotfollah gathers all the workers in front of his office to talk to them about the closure of the factory. All that matters to him now is to keep Sarvar, the woman he has been in love with for a long time, unharmed.”

According to IRNA, the film will also be screened in the world cinema part of the 32nd Carthage Film Festival in Tunisia and the 29th edition of Rendezvous with Madness Festival in Toronto, Canada.

‘The Wasteland’ received the FIPRESCI Award from the Independent Federation of Film Critics on the sidelines of the 77th Venice Film Festival in Italy, and the Best Film Award at the competition section of the 13th Subversive Film Festival in Croatia.

‘The Wasteland’ was also screened at the 2020 annual Tokyo International Film Festival in Japan and the 2020 Stockholm International Film Festival in Sweden.

The goal of the Colombian festival is to disseminate and promote short films whose esthetic, technical and narrative quality sets them apart for greater distribution within the Colombian cultural and film sectors. The festival is conceived as a means of distributing and launching the careers of young directors seeking a wider audience for their audiovisual works.