The webinars will be available to all film enthusiasts on the event’s official website,

The 38th edition of the TISFF kicked off in the Iranian capital on Tuesday.

The online workshops include ‘12 Keys for Better Documentaries’, by German director Klaus Stanjek; ‘Experimental Narrative Techniques’, by Iranian-Irish filmmaker and the founder Experimental Film Society in Tehran Rouzbeh Rashidi; ‘Experimental Animation Lighting’, by Polish animator Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi; ‘Variations in Handmade Film’, by German experimental filmmaker Thorsten Fleisch; ‘Strategies of Visual Storytelling in Feature Films and Experimental Cinema’, by Austrian artist Virgil Widrich; ‘Tran Again’, by Peter Tscherkassky, also from Austria; ‘Art Direction in Short Animation Film’, by Iranian animator Reza Riahi.

The main focus at this year’s event will be on experimental cinema, according to Seyyed Sadeq Mousavi, the secretary of the festival, as it seeks to attract young and upcoming talents in this cinematic category.

The festival will end with the award ceremony at Tehran’s Iran Mall on October 24.

Other webinars at event are ‘The Nature of Experiment’, by Austrian artist Michaela Grill; ‘Experimental Film Techniques’, by Laura U. Marks, a professor in visual and cultural studies from Canada; ‘How to Make Experimental Documentary’, by Danish documentary filmmaker Arne Bro; ‘Contemporary Experimental Documentary’, by Italian director and editor Lia Giovanazzi Beltrami, ‘Experimental Elements of Cinema’, by German artist Bady Minck.


Source: Iran Daily