“The Badger” directed by Kazem Mollai is a highlight of the lineup.

The acclaimed drama is about Sudeh, a 40-year-old woman who faces a strange incident right before her second marriage. Sudeh and her son Matiar live in an old apartment. One day, she hires a pest control company to solve the termite problems in the apartment. While the pest control company is working, Matiar is recording the procedures, as this is his hobby. The next day, Matiar gets kidnapped after school, and the kidnapper asks Sudeh to pay 10 Bitcoins for her son. Tremendous pressure is put on Sudeh, but the truth hidden beneath will surprise everyone.

Directed by Javad Safavi, the short drama “Sonia” is also in the lineup. 

It is about Mina, an Iranian journalist who is forced to accept a position in a tabloid magazine. Mina gets assigned to conduct an interview with a woman named Sonia, who claims to be a medium even though she did not believe in this type of supernatural capability. 

“We Are Not Venice” by Komeil Soheili has also been selected to be screened at the festival.

The documentary is about a village in Iran, which has banned all kinds of hotels and hostels, as people believe this could affect their hospitality culture. While locals offer tourists a place to stay in their homes, some members of the younger generation believe that this should change and they should earn more money from tourists.

The festival will also screen “Wooden Sword” co-directed by Behzad Alavi and Susan Salamat. The film tells the story of two little boys who meet each other in a green space, and make friends. On the other hand, their fathers have a big problem.

“Fireworks Wednesday” by Reza Muri will compete in the event. It is about a teenage boy who lives in an oil town in Khuzestan province. He discusses with his friend about threats to burn down his house. The boy does not know that this night there will be a fireworks display. He does not sleep that night in order to protect his friend’s house, which is built on gas pipes.

The lineup also features “The Wooden Doll” by Mohamadreza Misaqi, “A Letter to God” by Bahman Zangeneh, “Life Gone with the Wind” by Siavash Saedpanah, “Glasses” by Pardis Azizi, “Bed Bug” by Puria Osati, “Belonging” by Seyyed Morteza Sabzeqaba, “The Dragon Comes Out” Azam Khodarahmi, “Running” by Mohsen Rahmani and “The Start” by Shervin Vahdat.