“The Crab” by Shiva Sadeq-Asadi is one of the movies. It is about a shy schoolboy who is interested in performing in a play with his school’s theater troupe. But the only part offered to him is to play the role of a crab.

Produced at the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, the animated movie has been screened in various international events, including the 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival in China.

“Gray Body” is another film on the Iranian lineup. The animation is about a doctor who is calmly attending to the patient. There are some psychiatric patients sitting in the waiting room. But these patients cannot be expected to be calm.

Directed by Samaneh Shojaei, the animation received two awards including best animated effects at the 11th Iran Independent Animation Celebration in 2019.

The film produced by the Documentary And Experimental Film Center brought the best writing award for its writer Amin Kafashzadeh, while Shojaei received an honorable mention for directing the animation.

It also won the Association Internationale du Film d’Animation (ASIFA) award at the 36th Tehran International Short Film Festival.

“May She Rest in Peace”, a co-production between Iran and Germany directed by Nazgol Kashani, is also competing in the festival.

The drama shows that the social status of a former bourgeois family is in decline. The family’s preoccupation with their socio-economic identity continues even into death, as they decide what the best burial plot is for their aunt.

The festival also is screening “Tehran Recyclers”, an animation by Austrian-German Nikki Schuster.

The movie co-produced by Iran, Germany and Austria portrays the diverse cultural, social and urban fabrics of this metropolis by means of experimental animation. In the urban hideouts of this city little creatures come to life. These are digitally composed of collected waste from the streets and typical local products. The clatter of the limbs of these creatures interacts with the soundscapes of Tehran.

The 33rd Dresden International Short Film Festival will come to end with the announcing of winners on Sunday.

Source:Tehran Times