The festival will take place in Rimini, a city on the Adriatic coast, from July 12 to 18.

Directed by Sadeq Javadi “Autumn Winds, Spring Winds and Two Doves” is a production of Iran’s Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults. 

The movie tells the story of a bride who is awaiting her groom who is crossing the sea to meet her. They keep in touch by means of a dove. But a violent, autumn storm breaks the communication and the guests sadly begin to depart. Yet the dove does not wait for spring to come and starts searching.

The short animation has been screened at over ten international festivals across the world. The film competed in the Neum Animated Film Festival currently underway in Bosnia and Herzegovina since last week.

In February, it won the silver award for best animation at the 50th Roshd International Film Festival, an Iranian festival that promotes films on educational topics for children.

“Stars in the Rain” directed by Sara Namju is about a boy who draws paintings and joins passengers on a train in a city where it has been raining for years.

It received a diploma of the 1st degree laureate in the animation category at the Light to the World International Youth Film Festival in Rybinsk, Russia.

The International Film Festival of Animation Cinema, Comics and Games returns to Rimini with a formula that combines live and online events, the organizers have announced. 

It will be dedicated to the safeguarding of the planet and it will pay homage to Italian poet Dante Alighieri on the 700th anniversary of his death.

This year’s festival will begin in places between the historic center and the seaside area, touching the most evocative sites, including the Square on the Water, the Agostiniani Court, the Tiberio Cinema, the City Museum, the Art Space Augeo and Federico Fellini Square.

Source:Tehran Times