“The Recess” by Navid Nikkhah-Azad is a highlight of the lineup. It is about Sahar, a 17-year-old student who is determined to skip high school during recess and go to the football stadium to watch the football match between Esteghlal F.C. vs. Al-Ain as part of the AFC Champions League, which is against the national ban prohibiting women from entering football stadiums in Iran.

Edris Naseri’s drama “Wait a Moment” will also compete in the festival. This film is about a couple whose momentary decisions ruin their lives. The male character in this story has a misunderstanding with his wife, and accidentally and unintentionally kills her.

The lineup also includes “The Middle” by Soheil Soheili, “Today Is Friday” by Mohammad Ahangar, “The Dolls Game” by Mehdi Mahaei, “Gazing” Namira Hafiizi and “Dream Haulers” by Farzaneh Qaemi. 

“The Middle” revolves around some people that are eating their lunch at a table. It’s as if there is a battlefield around them: monarchy, chaos, threat, deception, absolute consumerism, and getting lost between different cultures and living in a region with a shadow of war are some of the main themes.

“Today Is Friday” tells the story of Nader and Saeid who are arguing with each other because of their problems in the company. But suddenly something happens that causes some changes in their destinies.

“The Dolls Game” is about a clown who works in an amusement park in Iran, and is trying to collect his salary from his employer to pay for a lawyer. He wants to get his daughter back!

“Gazing” tells the story of Siavash, a man around his 30s who lost both of his parents during a traumatic childhood event. In early life, this trauma brought him a lack of perspective on the reality of his day-to-day life.

“Dream Haulers” is a modern odyssey set in a suburb of a big city. We follow a young worker that is not happy with his temporary wife and wants to divorce her, but she has no place to go. After an argument, the she leaves him and disappears, so he starts a journey to find her.

“Synthesis” by Mohammad Torivarian, “Pass” by Elika Abdollahi, “Borderline” by Hossein Deirdar, “Dualpa” Mohammadreza Moradi and “Civil Defense Siren” by Mohammad Ahmadinia are also among the film.

Source:Tehran Times