The movie received the award for “the experimental technique of animation that takes us into the mind of the protagonist who interprets the family dynamics and social policies like a bird trapped in a windowless room,” said the jury composed of Nadja Andrasev, Michael Frei, Shoko Hara, Drasko Ivezic and Sasha Svirsky.

Directed by Mahbubeh Kalai at the Documentary and Experimental Film Center, “The Fourth Wall” is about home and family, relationships, desires, wishes. Everything is summarized in a kitchen. The stuttering boy is alone there, playing with his imagination.

The Grand Prix in the short competition category was awarded to the Taiwanese film “Night Bus” by Joe Hsieh.

On a late-night commuter bus, a necklace was stolen. This was followed by a tragic and fatal road accident, and a series of intriguing turns of events that revealed love, hatred and vengeance.

“Maalbeek” by Ismael Joffroy Chandoutis from France won the Golden Zagreb Award for Creativity and Innovative Artistic Achievement.

The Grand Prix in the feature-film competition went to the Russian movie, “The Nose or the Conspiracy of Mavericks” by Andrej Hrzanovskog.

The Polish film “I’m Here” by Julia Orlik was selected as best student film and received the Dusan Vukotic Award.

The special jury awards in this section were given to “Ant Hill” by Marek Naprstek from the Czech Republic and “Room with a Sea View” by Leonida Shmelkov from Estonia.

“Reflection” by Spanish director Juan Carlos Mostaza was picked as best children’s film.

The audience award in the Grand Short Film Competition was shared by “Rodi” by Lucija Mrzljak and Morten Tsinakov, and “WolfWalkers”, a co-production of Ireland, Britain, Luxembourg and France by Tom Moore and Ross Stewart.

“Can You See Them?” by Bruno Razum was named best Croatian film.

Source:Tehran Times