The award ceremony of the festival is to be held on September 11 in Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia.

The movie was nominated in six categories of the Bulgarian festival: Best Feature Film Screenwriter (Milad Mansouri), Best Feature Film Director (Milad Mansouri), Best Feature Film (Seyed Rouhollah Hossieni), Best Feature Film Actor (Ansarian), Best Feature Film Cinematography (Mehdi Rezaei), and Best Feature Film Actress (Mahtab Servati).

Ansarian was a former Iran and Persepolis football team defender and an actor and TV host who died at the age of 43 due to COVID-19 on February 3, 2021.

Ansarian began his soccer career in Fajr Sepasi in 1996 and joined Persepolis two years later.

He quit football at the age of 34, trying his hand at acting in several TV series and movies, including ‘The Reward of Silence,’ ‘Good Sense of Life,’ and ‘Ajdar’.

Despite the general belief that ‘Romanticism of Emad and Touba,’ directed by Mehdi Sabbaghzadeh was Ansarian’s last film, ‘Kulbarf’ was filmed out of the media spotlight over a year ago.

According to, the idea of the Bulgarian festival is to become familiar with filmmakers’ perception of everyday life and to see how that inspires them to generate personal fresh ideas in such a great art as cinematography.


Source: Iran Daily