Cinema actor Nima Fallah, Valadbeigi’s son-in-law, confirmed the death of the prominent artist.

Valdebeigi was born in 1935 in Iran’s western province of Kermanshah and began his work as a makeup artist in 1975 with the successful series ‘Fire without Smoke,’ directed by Nader Ebrahimi.

His career hit its peak in 1984, with the design and makeup of the TV series ‘Rebel in the Jungle,’ directed by Behrouz Afkhami.

Valadbeigi is also known for his work in ‘The Last Act’ (1991), ‘Dar Akharin Lahzeh’ (1973), ‘Duel’ (2004), ‘Red’ (1998), "The Ugly and the Beautiful". (1999), and ‘From Karkheh to Rhein’ (1992).

The last three films won the Best Makeup Artist awards at the Fajr Film Festival.