Iranian writer-cum-director Hamidreza Naeimi confirmed the actor’s death.

Naeimi said, “We are sorry for the loss. We always saw the late Afshar happy and full of energy and now he is not among us. May God grant his family and art society peace and patience.”

Afshar was born in 1966 in Tehran and received his degree from the School of Performing Arts & Music in Tehran. He began his acting career in 2001 by playing a role in Marzieh Boroomand’s ‘Sweet Jam’.

Afshar played in several films such as ‘Restless Hearts’, ‘Street Wall’, ‘Taboo’, ‘Shahryar’, and ‘Yalda’.

He also starred in the TV series, ‘Flying at Zero Altitude,’ ‘Mokhtarnameh’ and ‘The Enigma of the Shah’.

His latest work was a role in ‘Rhinoceros’ TV series, directed by Kiarash Asadi-Zadeh.