According to the public relations of the Second Nostalgia Film Festival, the second Nostalgia Film Festival edition will be held from September 20 to October 1, with the presidency of Mohammad Ghanefard in Milan, Italy.

Accordingly, the members of the Executive committee, the directors of the Sections and the members of Nostalgia Film Festival's  jury    are introduced as follows:

* Executive Committee :

1- Mohammad Reza Nouri; Graduated in management from the Polytechnic University of Milan, Senior Consultant in Entrepreneurship and Business Development, Founder, Manager and Consultant of more than fifty entrepreneurship projects in Iran and abroad

2- Lia Giovanazzi ; Writer and filmmaker, founder of the Italian Religion Today Film Festival , the winner of   Golden Lion Award for Peace at the Venice Film Festival(2017)

3- Armando Lostaglio; Writer, critic and filmmaker, director of the Cine Club Vittorio Desica , judge of more than 30 film festivals in Italy, promoter and host of cinematic, literary, painting, political, and ritual events

4- Alberto Beltrami; Musician and composer, former President of the Italian Religion Today Film Festival 

* Secretary and Managers:

1- Artistic director of the festival: Midia Kiasat

Filmmaker, graphic designer, international short film distributor, graduated from  the National School of Cinema in Iran

2- Director of Public Relations and Media Relations: Azadeh Fazli

Journalist, member of the Association of Film Critics and Writers, graduate of the Iranian Youth Cinema Association, director of public relations for art festivals and director of media relations for film projects

3- Festival President: Mohammad Ghanefard

Writer, director and Film producer, graduated from Tehran Art University 

* Short Film Jury:

Shiva Momtahen from Iran, Anita Sarno from Italy, Sheida Shafiei from Sweden, and Mohammad Fahimi from Canada

* Feature Film Jury:

Lidia Napoli and Elettra Fiumi from Italy

* Short Film Script Jury:

Tom Machell from England and Saeid Sharifian from Sweden

Nostalgia Film Festival is the first Iranian film festival in Italy, which has been launched with the aim of creating a nostalgic atmosphere for Iranians in northern Italy and presenting a part of Iranian culture and art to Italians Audiences.

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