The director of the public relations office of Iran’s Dramatic Arts Center Mohsen Hassanzadeh and director of the Cinema Organization of Iran Masoud Najafi referred to the change of the color of Tehran from orange (medium-high-risk) to red (high-risk) zone.

It has been only a few days that theatrical jobs were categorized as jobs which were allowed to resume their activities, but this status did not last long, Hassanzadeh added.

“It is expected that an emergency meeting will be held about the city of Tehran, and if there is a new resolution in this meeting about reopening of cinemas and theaters, we will take actions accordingly,” Hassanzadeh added.

Movie theaters, as well as stage theaters and concert halls in Iran resumed activities in mid-June last year after a four-month closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but failed to attract audiences and were forced to close again.

Source: Iran Daily