“Charcoal” by Esmaeil Monsef will be competing in the official section of the festival. 

“The Marriage Project” by Atieh Attarzadeh and Hesam Eslami, “Life Among War Flags” by Mohsen Eslamzadeh and “The White Whale” by Amir Mehran will be screened in other sections of the festival.

More films will be added as the organizers have not yet completed their lineups for various categories.   

The story of “Charcoal” is set in rural northwest Iran, where Gheirat, a modest charcoal producer, is pushed into a tragic spiral after his son, sentenced to jail, flees to Azerbaijan.

“Life Among War Flags” is the narration of war from two perspectives. At the beginning of the documentary, the camera accompanies the army into regions under the control of the government, and then it narrates the war from the perspective within the Taliban.

ISIS members from Turkey, Indonesia, Uzbekistan and some European countries who were interviewed inside the Taliban’s secret prisons, provide another fascinating chapter of the documentary.

The documentary “The Marriage Project” is about Ehsan House, a center for patients with mental problems that initiates a plan to encourage its patients to form relationships with each other, get married and live as a family. As a selection committee begins evaluating patients, hidden affections come to the surface. Finally, the team selects two patients to form the first couple. Are these two patients capable of having a relationship that leads to marriage?

In the animated movie “The White Whale”, many long years ago, a young man lost his friends in an air attack on a big river during the war. 30 years later, he is looking for their remains. A White Whale is the only sign he has.

Iranian director and producer Mehdi Rahmani is a member of the jury at the 20th Imagineindia festival, which will be organized in the Spanish capital of Madrid from May 17 to 31.

Hamed Behdad, the star of the Iranian drama “Castle of Dreams”, shared the award for best second actor of the Imagineindia festival in 2020.

Source:Tehran Times