Due to the pandemic, the 2020 edition of the festival was postponed indefinitely, however, it was never was organized.

Consequently, the organizers have decided to combine the 14th and 15th editions, which will be held online.  

The Taos Shortz Film Fest, the longest continually running film festival in New Mexico, will be held for 22 days from March 19.

“Doll” by Nasrin Golreyhan is a highlight of the Iranian lineup. It is about a woman journalist who finds a child on the battlefield and is forced to leave and abandon her.

“A Roofless House” by Shayan Shahverdi about two young adults who learn about each other through an unexpected evening.

“Forbidden to See Us Scream in Tehran” by Farbod Ardebili is also competing in the festival.

The film tells the story of the frontwoman for an Iranian death metal band, who risks everything as she plots to call the cops on her own underground concert in the hopes that the raid will help her secure her asylum in another country.

“Haunt” by Siamak Kashefazar has also been selected to be screened at the festival. It is about Reza and Tuba, a young couple that owns a house mortgaged with a bank. Reza enters a gambling game to pay the bank installments, but he lost his wife without knowing it. Now, he comes back home and understands the depth of the tragedy and looks for a way to escape and run away from gamblers, but it’s too late and they are behind the door. Tuba realizes the facts, little by little.

“You’re Still Here” by Katayun Parmar and Mohammad Ruhbakhsh will also compete in the event. When the relationship of a young couple is on the verge of collapsing in the face of one man’s blindness, the only thing that will save them is their common past.

“Inner Self” by Mohammad Hormozi, “Ava” by Sasan Karimi, “Even an Hour Later” by Parviz Shojaei, “Sfumato” by Amir-Ali Mirderikvand “The Granddaughter” by Mohsen Habibi and Mostafa Daryadar, “The Rotation” by Hazhir As’adi, “Our Out of Five” by Bahar Tofiqi and “Past Continuous” by Shiva Taheri are also on the lineup.

Source:Tehran Times